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Graduate Students




Nano-structured materials for electro and photo-electro chemical applications


Ms. Ritu Rai


Email ID: ritur@inst.ac.in


Mixed carbides nanostructures for electrocatalysis


Mr. Rajinder Kumar


Email ID: rajinderk@inst.ac.in

Ms Ritu Rai
Mr. Rajinder Kumar




Nanostructured materials for catalytic chemical transformation


Email ID:



Nanostructures materials for electrocatalitic Applications


Email ID: zebair.rp121621@inst.ac.in

Mr Zubair Ahmed

Shilpa Khajuria


Nanostructured materials for electrocatalytic and battery applications


Email ID: shilpa.ph18216@inst.ac.in

Reg.no. PH18216



Past Members


Metal Oxide Nano Particles for Catalytic Applications

Dr. Manu Sharma

Ph.D, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Email ID: manu.atray@gmail.com


Nanostructured Ti C/N for ORR applications 

Ph.D, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Email ID: pdf617@inst.ac.in

Dr. Manu Sharma
Dr. Kasinath Ojha


  Organic Transformations using Transition Metal complexes.   Nanostructured Tungsten Trioxide for electrochromic applications
Ms. Kanika Soni
Ms. Shreya Vishwa

Mr Apurba Choudhury

Email ID: chowdhuryapurba9@gmail.com




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